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Injury Prevention

Capital Region Health's Trauma Injury Prevention focuses on injury trends, and developing prevention education programs for the District of Columbia and Prince George's County. The mission is to reduce preventable injuries and violence and reduce the consequences while establishing a culture of injury prevention. The vision is to put an end to preventable injuries for our citizens. Injury is a public health issue and efforts need to be made to keep residents and all Americans safe from the preventable injuries and violence. This initiative is part of a defined partnership with the community, school systems, legislators, and businesses, including the Department of Juvenile Services, Department of Parole and Probation, public and private schools, the State's Attorney's Office, and community organizations. Our prevention programs are targeted to middle and high school students, high risk adolescents and adults. Career education programs are also available for high school students interested in the medical industry. The prevention staff provides scientific presentations, participates in various committees, task forces and coalitions on distracted driving, impaired driving, violence and injury prevention, and fall prevention. With your support and partnership more people can be reached to reduce preventable injury and death in our communities.

Contact Person
Donica Thompson, Injury Prevention Coordinator



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