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Ascension St. Vincent Hospital Indianapolis

Ascension St.Vincent Level I Trauma Center is a state-of-the-art facility designed to provide patients with serious or life-threatening injuries the highly specialized care they need in emergent situations. When injured patients arrive at Ascension St.Vincent Level 1 Trauma Center, they receive round the clock priority access to our doctors and resources. Our surgeons and specialists are experts at providing the highest level of care—because in a trauma situation, every second counts.

Our team is also dedicated to the safety of our patients and their families away from the bedside through cutting edge research, outreach, education, and injury prevention.  We specialize in programs that focus on the dangers of distracted driving and fall prevention.  If you're interested in hearing more regarding what we have to offer in injury prevention & outreach, please reach out at our email below. 




TSN Coordinator

Colleen Groves and Kristin Wagner
Email Coordinator

2001 W. 86th St.
Indianapolis, Indiana, 46260

work: 317-338-7256

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