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Do I Belong Here

Do I Belong Here
by Kate on Jul 08, 2013, 12:38PM

Before I get too wrapped up in completing my profile and posting … I need to know if I belong here. I have read so many of the stories already and everyone seems to be injured due to an accident of some sort. I was not in an accident, I did not fall. Yet, I sustained multiple fractures to my pelvis and a fractuered tail bone. I was injured nine months ago and am now walking with a cane and continueing to recover and grow. I did not suffer from a trauma but my injury was traumatic. Am I in the right place?

Reply: Do I Belong Here
by SarahHendrickson on Jul 08, 2013, 01:24PM

How people sustain their injuries is quite varied. The purpose of this forum is to focus on recovery. Some people utilize talking about how they sustained their injuries as a mechanism toward healing; but pain is universal and the unexpected change to your quality of life, ongoing management and pain, and uncertainty of reoccurring injury is quite similar to many people on this site. Feel free to explore the site more for your recovery than the reason you were injured.

Hopefully this helps! Everyone came to this site for different reasons. Don’t be discouraged. Connection during recovery is key.

Reply: Do I Belong Here
by Kate on Jul 08, 2013, 03:04PM

Oh yes, your comment that the purpose of this forum is to focus on recovery strikes home for me. This is what I have been hoping for … thank you for your acceptance. This makes me even more excited to move forward within this site.

Reply: Do I Belong Here
by tjoenks on May 14, 2014, 06:47PM

Yes Ma’am! You are a survivor. The mechanism of injury doesn’t matter. You were traumatized and you overcame the injury. Welcome aboard!!