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How do you do it?

How do you do it?
by weblynx16 on Jul 30, 2013, 06:37AM

I had a pretty bad car accident in Decmber 2012 when someone decided that going against the traffic at over 120 mph on the highway was a good way to die. I’m still recovering, but the worst is past me. I haven’t driven yet and I’m afraid of what will happen when I get behind the wheel. Even now, when someone else is driving I have to close my eyes and listen to some music so I don’t have to focus on the road and what may come. It also helps that I haven’t sat up straight in the car yet, since the surgeries were all in the abdominal area, I’ve always pushed my seat back a bit to keep the pain to a minimum. Any advice on what to do when I get behind the wheel again in a few weeks?

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by ultra122 on Jul 31, 2013, 02:22PM

Hi! I had a bad car accident in November 2012. I started driving again last month. I white-knuckled it just driving down the street. My first experience was with my closest friend next to me, my husband behind me, and her husband in the back seat as well. I drove 15 mph and thought I was speeding. It was a good way for me to feel comfortable and safe with people that I loved around me. They didn’t say anything but just little chit-chat, so it was no pressure. I worked up to driving past the spot of my accident about 3 weeks after that. I knew that it was going to need to happen at some point and was a matter of necessity. I drove with my favorite music on and sang along. The closer I came to the spot the more my chest tightened and my stomach hurt. I passed it and almost immediately felt a weight lighten. I got to my destination whooped for joy and called my husband to let him know that I was there.

I wanted to share that because that’s what helped me get back into the car. I try to re-associate bad things with good things. Can you try to fill your car with peaceful, funny, and loving people to help the first time that you drive a short distance? And maybe celebrate small victories in the car. I hope that your pain eases and you’re able to drive comfortable soon!

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by bheisler on Sep 12, 2013, 09:15AM

I also was involved in a serious car accident. I drove when I simply had no other choice but to drive. I hated every second of it but when I got back home I felt like this giant weight had been lifted off of my shoulder. I still have issues driving in certain weather conditions or roads. I also need to close my eyes and take deep breaths when someone else is driving in heavy traffic. My car accident was back in 2008 and it is now 2013. I drive when I feel comfortable and where I feel comfortable to do so. I don’t push myself into a panic attack. I still need to get off of the freeway and take back roads but I get where I need to go at my comfort level. I’m sorry that you suffer from these emotional scars but they do get better.

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by ginak94 on Feb 13, 2014, 05:08AM

Hello everybody, just want to say getting behind the wheel again is a huge accomplishment. It is a hard thing to do, especially when every time you turn around you`re viewing (or creating) some sort of traumatic accident. I know for a long time I would see car accident happening as if they were real, but they were not. It is definitely a weird feeling, but it helps me just to close my eyes…pretty much the same thing you do…it really does help. I hope things are going a little bit better, I know for me things are going much better than I ever would have expected. Keep your head high, positive thoughts, and many of manyyyyyy wonderful goals :)

Gina K. .

Reply: How do you do it?
by MissAmanuensis on May 27, 2014, 03:28PM

How I did it: I had my friend drive me around in a miata with the top down. I don’t know how, but I didn’t have issues after that!
I would practice in a parking lot for awhile.
It’s difficult, but it gets easier the more you do it.