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Falling Through The Cracks

Falling Through The Cracks
by Sullivan4346 on May 24, 2016, 09:55AM

Am I falling through the cracks? I wonder. I’m looking for a good support group in Houston to discuss PTSD responses to a recent automobile bicycle accident which has unleashed responses from previous trauma. I’m either directed to expensive counselors or to websites like this one. I need a group to share my experiences. I cant keep demanding my family to be my primary support. They dont understand this as much as I do…

Any suggestions please send me a private note.

Reply: Falling Through The Cracks
by bmunsky on May 25, 2016, 08:11PM

In my accident I literally crushed my entire body. The physical pain was and still is terrible. The mental pain can be even worst. I’ve been supporting other trauma survivors for over 8 years with the Trauma Survivors Network(TSN). I would suggest looking on this website,, to see if a hospital near you has a TSN. You can also check out the Next Steps online class schedule. Next Steps is a class that teaches different tools to help you through recovery or even post recovery. The last resource I can’t think of is the American Trauma Society. Go on thier website and check out thier resources. All of these are free resources. Hopefully this helps you out. I know from personal experience that holding those thoughts in your head and not being able to share with someone can slow down your healing and recovery. It made mine worse for 7 years. I finally stopped ending up in the operating room every 2 months after I was able to accept what happened, who I am now, and that my life is going be whatever I make it. I wish the best for you.