Our story
by MrsH3223 on Jun 26, 2019, 03:10PM

September 2018 my son (2 years old at the time)had a drowning incident at his sister and cousin birthday party. The party had to move outside last minute because of overbooking. Pretty scary situation with a group of children, but we decided to proceed anyway. I warned my son of the dangers and to stay by on the stairs or go back upstairs with the other guest. Everything happened so fast…. Myself and a couple of in-laws looked away for two minutes too long at my youngest son playing in the pool as I held him. Those two minutes my son was floating under water and unconscious. We quickly pulled him up and performed cpr. He eventually woke up and was admitted to the hospital. The entire experience…. Every detail plays back in my mind from time to time. Little things that cause flashbacks, like when he’s sleeping. He has bad nightmares sometimes and talks about it. His behavior since then has gotten kinda worse, but I’m not sure if his age plays apart in that. He blamed myself and other family for awhile saying “he couldn’t see us anymore and he was scared”. Really would love to talk to someone that could understand us and offer help/advice we could actually use.