Trauma Survivors Network - provided by ATS

Survive. Connect. Rebuild.

A Program of the ATS

Where We Are

The Trauma Survivors Network (TSN) is a community of patients and families who are looking to connect with one another and rebuild their lives after a serious injury. The American Trauma Society (ATS), the leading organization advocating for the injured and their families, in partnership with hospitals around the country, is committed to growing the TSN by providing the programs and resources patients and families tell us they need to manage their recovery and improve their lives.   The underlying goal in all of these programs and resources is helping trauma patients and their families connect and rebuild their lives following a serious injury.

In order to achieve this goal, the ATS is committed to:

  • Providing valuable, practical information and referrals
  • Connecting survivors with peer mentors and support groups
  • Enhancing survivor skills to manage day to day challenges
  • Developing on-line communities of support and hope for trauma survivors and their families and friends
  • Training health care providers to deliver the best care and support to patients and their families and friends

The TSN offers its services in collaboration with local trauma centers. These services include:

  • A Traumapedia where you can learn from the experts about common injuries and how they are treated
  • A Patient and Family Handbook that provides you with practical information about your trauma center and what to expect in the hours and days after an injury
  • A Peer Visitation Program to link trauma patients with volunteer trauma survivors who are ready to listen
  • Peer Support Groups where trauma survivors connect and learn from each other
  • The NextSteps Program where trauma survivors learn how to better manage life after a serious injury
  • A Community Forum where trauma survivors and their families share experiences and provide support and hope to others

Initial development of the TSN was supported in part by grants from the Centers for Disease Control (Grants H28/CCH324827-01 and R49 CE001003).

Substantial gifts from the following individuals and organizations are also gratefully acknowledged: