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Wyoming Medical Center



Wyoming Medical Center

The last place you want to end up is an emergency room. We understand. But if that happens to be the place you need to go, the staff at Wyoming Medical Center is ready to help you.

Ours is the only ER in Casper that can treat life-and-death conditions such as heart attacks, strokes, traumas and serious illnesses. We are a Regional Trauma Center covering 250,000 Wyoming lives.

Our fleet of nine ambulances respond to about 10,000 emergency calls per year, and has been recognized by the American Heart Association for its expert care of serious heart attacks. In the ER, a staff of nurses, providers, CNAs and support staff respond to almost 38,000 ER visits per year. Our emergency medicine physicians and nurses are trained to provide immediate recognition, evaluation, care and stabilization for patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Should additional specialized care be needed, physicians of all specialties are on call.


Our Mission


Wyoming Medical Center advances the health and wellness of our region and community by providing excellent healthcare services and exceptional experience at reasonable costs. Our highly skilled integrated and engaged team ensures you are well cared for by WMC. 

Our Vision

  • Wyoming Medical Center seeks to transform the lives of those we serve by fostering the highest level of health and wellness in our community and across our region and state. To fulfill our vision, WMC will provide an inclusionary environment that:
  • Provides Wyoming’s premier healthcare services and the best patient experience tailored to individual need using innovation.
  • Embraces the whole person and their family through the lifecycle of healthcare, including partnering with community and regional providers.
  • Creates a culture of pride that attends to the health and wellness of our staff. Promotes teamwork and instills a culture of pride that allows staff to reach their potential.
  • Fosters innovation
  • Local Support Groups (Dates and times are subject to change, please call ahead)

    Brain Injury Alliance of Wyoming Support Group

    Monthly on the 3rd Friday from 12:00 – 1:00 pm

    Call (307) 473-1767 or email for more information. 


    123 W. First St., Suite 400


    Monthly on the 4th Tuesday from 5:30 – 6:30 pm

    Open to anyone caring for someone with a debilitating condition. Coffee and lemonade are served and different topics are discussed each month.

    Call (307) 577-5204 or visit for more information.  


    Rocky Mountain Therapy, 120 S. Forest Dr., Casper

TSN Coordinator

1233 E 2nd Street
Casper, Wyoming, 82601

work: 3075777817
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Upcoming Programs & Events

VIBES- Music Therapy

For those who have experienced various forms of trauma, music therapy can be especially powerful and provides a unique way for patients to begin to heal and thrive. Music therapy works by utilizing customized, clinical, and evidence-based music interventions. VIBES board-certified music therapists provide treatment through musical involvement in a therapeutic context. VIBES- Music Therapy VIBES music therapy is driven by research and designed around your needs. Our music therapists help you create new possibilities and reach new beginnings. Music therapy treatment can begin in the hospital and then continue in an office setting, once you have been released from hospital care. Our overall goal is to provide you with continuous support to reach your treatment goals. Who are Music Therapists? Music therapists receive specialized training in music, and its application in clinical settings from an accredited university. The curriculum provided in these programs address musical skills, clinical knowledge including the development and application of music therapy. Music therapists are required to receive 1200 hours of supervised clinical training before becoming a board-certified music therapist (MT-BC). How can music therapy help me? Our individual music therapy sessions are tailored to your needs. We partner with you, your family, and care teams to create innovative solutions. Music therapy is successful in treating many different types of trauma and is suitable for patients of all ages. Patients receiving music therapy for trauma often experience the following results which include, but are not limited to: · Non-verbal outlets for emotions associated with traumatic experiences · Anxiety and stress reduction · Positive changes in mood and emotional states · Active and positive participant involvement in treatment · Enhanced feelings of control, confidence, and empowerment · Positive physiological changes, such as lower blood pressure, reduced heart rate, and relaxed muscle tension · Developmental and Cognitive growth How can I continue music therapy treatment outside of the hospital? Visit the VIBES Music Therapy Website-Link: How does music therapy work? Music therapy sessions are led by a board-certified music therapist who works with clients to discover powerful ways in which music can be utilized to facilitate change and growth. Musical experiences are success-oriented and tend to be hands-on. Clients are encouraged to actively participate in sessions through playing, creating, analyzing, and moving to music in specific guided ways which have clinically proven results. Learn more

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