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Honor Health John C Lincoln Medical Center

John C. Lincoln North Mountain Hospital Level I Trauma Center

The Level I Trauma Services Department at John C. Lincoln North Mountain Hospital in Phoenix, AZ, the northernmost Trauma Center in central Arizona’s Valley of the Sun, provides 24-hour critical care for almost 3,000 acute trauma admissions each year.

It offers complete medical, surgical and intensive hospital care for the most severely injured patients flown in from motor vehicle crashes and other life-threatening events in Phoenix, its surrounding communities in Valley of the Sun and from more than 60,000 square miles covering all of Northern Arizona, as well as parts of western New Mexico and southeastern California.

Essential for the quality of John C. Lincoln’s trauma care provided by are its specially trained medical personnel and recently completed state-of-the-art facilities.

Eight highly qualified trauma surgeons head medical teams that include trauma anesthesiologists, neurosurgeons, orthopaedic traumatologists, reconstructive plastic surgeons and hand surgeons, as well as critical care physicians from the adjacent Emergency Department and trauma-trained nurses from the Department of Surgery, the Intensive Care Unit and the Emergency Department. These trauma team members are backed by experienced trauma personnel from radiology, respiratory services and the laboratory.

The 36,000-square-foot center includes four large trauma bays and 37 private emergency treatment rooms served by an ambulance drive just a few feet from the trauma bays and a dual helipad located a high-speed elevator ride directly above the Trauma Center. Whether by land or air, patients are mere seconds from trauma care when they arrive at John C. Lincoln.

The Trauma Center’s location and design allows close integration and management of patient progress from admission to discharge. Followup critical care is provided by skilled staff in the 22-room Intensive Care Unit and the 22-room Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit.

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