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Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy or “pool therapy” is used to complement a traditional physical therapy program. Exercises are performed in a heated pool where the buoyancy of the water provides an unloading of the joints and spine. Aquatic programs consist of various mobility exercises, stretching, strengthening, and walking exercises. Patients can be transferred into and out of the pool with a chair or stretcher lift, if necessary.

Types of patients treated in the water may include those who have pain or difficulty with movement as a result of arthritis, muscle spasms, orthopedic injuries, trauma, and in some cases, neurological disorders. Other indications for aquatic therapy include sensory disorders, poor motor coordination, spasticity, balance problems, circulatory problems, and depression or low self-esteem.

Sample Aquatic Therapy Exercise Program located at: The National Center for on Physical Activity and Disability. Visit the website at