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General Coping Guidelines

Regardless of individual circumstances, everyone needs to complete several steps to recover from a traumatic event.

The following outlines general guidelines to assist the traumatically injured and their family in coping with their new circumstances:

  • Accept the reality of the loss.
  • Allow yourself and other family members to feel sadness and grief over what has happened.
  • Put closure to the situation and move on. Do not continue to let the loss take its physical, emotional, or spiritual toll.
  • Have faith in better times to come. You and your family have survived a traumatic event. That doesn’t mean your lives are over or that you don’t deserve to be happy again.
  • Return to doing things you enjoy with friends and as a family when possible.
  • Reestablish the routines of your life as best you can.
  • Make commitments and keep them.
  •  If you or a member of your family still has trouble coping, ask for help. Consult a counselor or mental health professional.
  • In the workplace, you may be able to get assistance from your human resources department or your company’s Employee Assistance Program.
  • For help with financial matters, contact a financial advisor.