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A paramedic is an Emergency Medical Technician certified to the highest level of training and responds to medical and trauma emergencies for the purpose of stabilizing a patient's condition before and during transportation to an appropriate medical facility, usually by ambulance. Paramedics administer a variety of emergency medications and elective medications such as those which relieve pain or decrease nausea and vomiting. Unlike most other health care providers, paramedics typically are not directly supervised by physicians. Rather, paramedics provide care under protocols written by physicians, which guide clinical decisions. In certain cases paramedics in the field may contact an emergency physician to seek permission to perform certain uncommon procedures, administer certain medications, or discuss the appropriate treatment for a complicated situation. However, the paramedic, based on the patient's physical exam and history, decides which treatment protocol is most appropriate or if additional information/advice is needed from an emergency physician.

To learn more about the profession of EMTs and Paramedics go to the US Department of Labor weblink at: EMTs and Paramedics