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Additional Resources

AARP ElderWatch This program is affiliated with the Colorado Attorney General's office. The web site contains consumer alerts, news articles and fraud prevention information.

Administration on Aging On this web page, individuals may access information about services for older Americans, publications, press releases and links for other resources available through the internet.

American Bar Association Commission on Law and Aging A partner of the National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA). Visitors can access for educational material, legislative updates, and additional resources.

ASAAPS/American Society of Adult Abuse Professionals and Survivors One of the free features of this web site is the database of citations on media coverage of elder and vulnerable abuse and neglect issues.

Australian Domestic and Family Violence Clearinghouse As quoted from the web site: "The Domestic and Family Violence Clearinghouse is a national resource on issues of domestic violence and family violence. It provides a central point for the collection and dissemination of Australian domestic and family violence policy, practice and research."

Bringing Eldercare Home A forum for assisting people juggling the work/family relationship commitments. In addition, there is a monthly newsletter.

Consortium for Research on Self-Neglect/Crest This Web site provides information on research initiatives addressing Self-Neglect being conducted by the Consortium for Research on Self-Neglect/Crest, an initiative of the Baylor College of Medicine.

Clearinghouse on Abuse and Neglect of the Elderly The Clearinghouse on Abuse and Neglect of the Elderly (CANE) is the nation's largest archive of published research, training, government documents, and other sources on elder abuse. The CANE collection is fully computerized and contains nearly 5,000 holdings. You can also search its database to obtain references pertaining to the many facets of elder mistreatment

FCA: Family Caregiver Alliance - National Center on Caregiving As quoted from the Web site: "...FCA's information library currently includes nearly 100 different Fact Sheets and publications on caregiving issues for families, health and service providers, program developers and policy makers. We develop and post new publications on an ongoing basis..."

Families of Loved Ones - Strategies and Resources for Caregivers (FOLO) FOLO's mission is to provide positive and supportive information to family caregivers and family members of long-term care residences. Quarterly issues of the newsletter are available on the web site and cover topics ranging from caring for the caregiver to new technologies in health care delivery. Based in New Jersey.

Geriatric Times “An Interdisciplinary Approach to Healthy Aging...Turn to Geriatric Times for special reports, compelling editorial content, timely news coverage, continuing education articles, patient teaching aids and more..."

H.E.L.P. Healthcare and Elder Law Programs Corporation - A Non-Profit Information Resource Helping People Meet Aging-Related Legal and Care Challenges
The link below connects to a listing of free publications produced by the H.E.L.P. that cover such legal and healthcare topics as Powers of Attorney and estate planning.

Indiana Prevention Resource Center at Indiana University The Resource Guide consists of an annotated list of publications (categorized by books; booklets, brochures, fact sheets and reports; magazines and newsletters; videos, posters, and other items; and studies and articles), and a list of related organizations and internet sites. The Center is a good starting point for researching the link between substance abuse and elder abuse.

Institute on Violence, Abuse and Trauma/IVAT The mission of IVAT is to improve the quality of life for individuals on a local, national, and international level by sharing and disseminating vital information, improving networking among professionals, and assisting with program evaluation, consultation, and training that promote violence-free living. IVAT now includes the Family Violence and Sexual Assault Institute.

Joseph Rowntree Foundation The Joseph Rowntree Foundation is a major social policy research center in the U.K. Many reports may be downloaded at no cost. Ordering information is provided for materials that may be purchased.

Medscape This web site is designed to provide clinicians and other healthcare professionals with current clinical information on a wide range of medical issues. CME activities and conference information are also available. (From WebMD)

Minicava - Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse Electronic Clearinghouse The Center is based within the School of Social Work at the University of Minnesota The primary mission of Minicava is to support education, research and access to information regarding violence. Links are provided for resources on more than 50 topic areas and include activism, elder abuse, child abuse, domestic violence, workplace violence and youth violence.

National Adult Protective Services Association This is the home site of NAPSA, a partner of the NCEA. Among other resources, it provides links to publications, training, and educational materials.

National Center on Elder Abuse The National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA), a group of six partners led by the National State Units on Aging (NASUA) and including CANE, is funded the Administration on Aging. Link to this site for information regarding the latest developments in research, promising practices, legislative efforts, and other initiatives addressing elder abuse and neglect

National Citizens' Coalition for Nursing Home Reform (NCCNHR) Since 1975, NCCNHR has worked to improve the quality of life for nursing home residents, and to promote a consumers' presence in the long-term care sector. NCCNHR's Web site provides access to publications and resources for families and individuals, professionals, and volunteers, and fosters education and advocacy training. The National Long Term Care Ombudsman Resource Center is accessible through this site.

National Committee for the Prevention of Elder Abuse "The National Committee for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (NCPEA) is an association of researchers, practitioners, educators, and advocates dedicated to protecting the safety, security, and dignity of America's most vulnerable citizens. It was established in 1988 to achieve a clearer understanding of abuse and provide direction and leadership to prevent it. The Committee is one of six partners that make up the National Center on Elder Abuse, which is funded by Congress to serve as the nation's clearinghouse on information and materials on abuse and neglect."

National Long Term Care Ombudsman Resource Center This web site provides summaries of major legislation affecting long term care issues, and also provides links to summaries and reports on long term care topics.

National Sexual Violence Resource Center Library This database includes citations for the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) and the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape (PCAR).

NCEA Training Library for Adult Protective Services and Elder Abuse The National Training Library for Adult Protective Services and Elder Abuse is an ongoing project that collects training materials from around the U.S. for loan and referral. Initiated in February 2004, the library continues to accumulate materials on a regular basis, so please check periodically for additional listings.

Nexus Reading Room This is an online publication of the National Committee for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (NCPEA).

PAVNET Research Database As quoted from their web site: "...The PAVNET Research Database is an online, searchable source of information about current federally funded research on violence..."

Rural Victimization Project Institute for Family Violence Studies' online elder abuse tutorial through the Rural Victimization Project out of Florida State University

Terra Nova Films This company produces and distributes video training resources on elder abuse and neglect. The web site contains their catalog and ordering instructions.

U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging This page includes links to hearings sponsored by the Senate Special Committee on Aging. Many transcripts are available.

Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault As quoted from the web site: " WCASA promotes the social change needed to end sexual violence in Wisconsin. Our mission is to support a statewide network of concerned individuals and organizations as they work toward this goal..." The organization was formed in 1985, and among other services, it publishes information, booklets and training materials addressing sexual assault, including the assault of older women and those with disabilities.

WordBridges This website is the beginning of an online clearinghouse for information on programs, policies, and developments related to serving abused and at-risk vulnerable adults. The website also links to Adult Abuse Review (AAR), an online monthly magazine on adult abuse issues and resources. Those who wish to be notified when a new AAR is available can sign up through the website.