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It is easy to become distracted while cooking and leave a hot pan unattended for a short period. However, in a matter of seconds, a fire can start and double in size given certain conditions (such as an open window). Cooking is the primary cause of residential fires. Cooking equipment is estimated to cause 100,000 fires annually, 400 deaths, and 5,000 injuries. Therefore it is important to always turn the stove or burner off when answering a phone, doorbell, or attending to a child. Move items that are flammable away from the open flame such as paper towels, dishtowels, and plastic bags. Remove any tempting items that may attract children to reach or climb over a hot stove. When cooking, always roll up sleeves or remove clothing such as robes that are not tight fitting and could catch the flame. To avoid electrical fires with appliances, do not plug in too many appliances at the same time.