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Burns are among the most painful and devastating injuries a person can sustain and survive. Young children are at especially high risk for burns. Because they have thinner skin than older children and adults, their skin burns at lower temperatures and more deeply. Young children also may not perceive danger as readily, may have less control over their environment, may lack the ability to escape a life-threatening burn situation and may not be able to tolerate the physical stress of a burn injury. In 2003, an estimated 83,300 children ages 14 and under were treated in hospital emergency rooms for burn-related injuries.

Scald burn injury (caused by hot liquids or steam) is the most common type of burn related injury among young children, while flame burns (caused by direct contact with fire) are more prevalent among older children. An average of eight children ages 14 and under die from scald burn-related injuries each year. Children ages 4 and under account for nearly all of these deaths.


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