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New to Forum: Desperate for Help and Connection.

New to Forum: Desperate for Help and Connection.
by Swift sky on Feb 17, 2017, 09:35AM

Hi, I’ve been through various mental and physical traumas and have PTSD and Fibromyalgia. When I was already trying to recover from PTSD I lost my home due to some very extreme harassment and stalking, moved house and then my new place was burnt down by a neighbour. It’s been horrendous. I also have all over body pain and extreme nerve pain in my arm from a severe dislocation that happened when I 25 years ago leaving me with nerve pain. I have hyper mobility syndrome that can and with me does call extreme fatigue and all over body pain. At the moment I’m in more emotional pain from an assault that occurred a long time ago, periods of extreme bullying I’ve been through and losing too homes in traumatic ways. I’ve been displaced and my sense of future is very poor. I feel like I’ve been forced into a life I didn’t wish for. Feeling particularly bleak at the moment with high pain and awful insomnia and PTSD. Please help, any contact with other trauma suffers welcome. Currently I’ve gone into a severe depression with quite extreme PTSD. I’m finding available help insufficient to cope with complex long-term PTSD. Any support around pain, injury, violence, assault, accidents and freak events (I had a bad fire) would be very welcome. Basically I’ve gone through all of these at different times in my life.

Reply: New to Forum: Desperate for Help and Connection.
by bmunsky on Aug 24, 2018, 10:08PM

Hi Swift Sky, I just read your post. It seems like you have been through a lot, which is causing you to be depressed and have PTSD. I too am a trauma survivor and can relate to what you are going through. Sometimes life just seems like one big trauma. One thing happens right after another. For over a decade I have been visiting trauma patients in the ICU and trauma center to give them support and hope for their future. The best suggestion I can make is talk to others about what you are dealing with. Like you have by posting on the Trauma Survivors Network’s website. Keeping those feelings and thoughts inside seems to make things worse. I would suggest talking to a counselor . Someone that works with trauma survivors and or victims of abuse. Attend the monthly TSN meetings and other events we have. If there is a TSN in your area. Even if there isn’t you can call the nearest TSN or any of the TSN numbers on this site and speak to a peer visitor, trauma survivor who supports other trauma survivors. The last thing id suggest is to check out and use some of the many resources we have available on our site. I wish the best for you Bruce