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Dealing with Others

Dealing with Others
by change on Jan 07, 2018, 05:17PM

I recently experienced two bad, traumatic injuries, within less than a month of each other, both the fault of strangers. I’m currently in physical rehab and will be for several months. My family has been so unsupportive (making fun of me for being injured, saying all the pain I’m experiencing is my fault, not respecting my physical limitations while refusing to help) that I’ve actually had to cut most of them out of my life. The problem is I still have to deal with my spouse, who also just doesn’t get it and expects me to “just get over it”, and it is making my symptoms worse to the point that I can’t even see my friends (who, after the experiences with my family, I’m too afraid to tell about the injuries). I’ve been trying to find a counselor but my area has practically no one and the counselors that are here aren’t taking new clients. How do other people deal with unsupportive others? And, when I’m surrounded by such selfish people, how do I get the help I need (without spending a fortune)? What have other people done?

Reply: Dealing with Others
by EileenFlores on Aug 17, 2018, 09:03PM

Hi, there. I’m checking in to see how you are doing at this point in time with your recovery and with your relationships with family and friends? There is a free NextSteps online group starting on August 22. You can sign up here: One of the weeks in this group, discusses communication with family, friends, and medical providers. I hope that is helpful.