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Henry Ford Hospital



To maximize the recovery of traumatically injured patients, families and communities through support, mental health services, education and access to resources



To be the regional leader in trauma recovery for patients, families and communities, easing the burden and facilitating holistic healing



The Trauma Recovery Center (TRC) at Henry Ford Hospital was created in March of 2022 by an interdisciplinary team that includes representatives from orthopaedic surgery, trauma surgery, behavioral health, emergency medicine, pediatrics and the Office of Community Health, Equity, Wellness & Diversity. With the understanding that survivors of a traumatic injury are faced with unique challenges on their road to recovery, the TRC is working to ease the burden for survivors and their families and facilitate holistic healing. Following the Trauma Recovery Center model created by the University of California- San Francisco, the TRC is centered on 11 core elements including assertive outreach, the use of a multi-disciplinary team, clinical case management and trauma-informed and evidence-based practices. 


Currently, the TRC offers peer mentorship to survivors of trauma admitted at Henry Ford Hospital. We hope to implement the full scope of services by the end of the year. 


If you are interested in supporting survivors of trauma as a peer mentor, email

TSN Coordinator

2799 W. Grand Blvd, CFP Office 646
Detroit, Michigan, 48202

work: (313)916-6098
cell: (313)910-2313

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