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Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

The functional capacity evaluation (FCE) is a comprehensive and objective assessment of an individual's physical capacities and functional abilities in relation to the demands of a specific job, work activity or occupation. For example, measures may be made of the person’s ability to bend, stoop, kneel, stand, lift, perform repetitive tasks, concentrate, and produce specific numbers of outputs in given time-frames. The results of these evaluations are then compared to specified functional demands or requirements of jobs, a person’s own or others for which they have the required qualifications.

An effective FCE determines whether there is a match between the individual's functional capabilities and the physical demands of work. FCE results can be useful in determining job placement, job accommodation, or return to work after injury or illness. Overall, a FCE assesses flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, cardiovascular condition, and body mechanics. An FCE is usually conducted over 4 to 6 hours and may take place over two consecutive days.