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Facts Sheet for the Uninsured

Fact Sheets

These fact sheets contain basic information on the issue of health care coverage in America and, in particular, on Americans who do not have health insurance.

The fact sheets are an easy tool to use to help people quickly understand the immensity of the problem of the uninsured. They can be easily printed out and used as handouts at Cover the Uninsured events.

The fact sheets were derived from a variety of sources, all of which are listed at the end of each fact sheet. Graphics were prepared by the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI). All graphics can be accessed separately through this web site's Charts and Graphs section.

Please note that EBRI's analysis defines children as individuals ages 0-17, whereas other sources may define children as ages 0-18. This difference accounts for the variance between the reported numbers of uninsured children, depending on the source and method of analysis.

To see the document, please click: Quick Facts on the Uninsured

For additional information, go to the website, Cover the Uninsured