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Ten for TSN

What is Ten for TSN?

Ten for TSN is a campaign for anyone who wants to support the Trauma Survivors Network program to continue its mission to help trauma survivors and families survive, connect, and rebuild. The TSN program continues to expand support services for survivors and families throughout the United States, Canada, and online. Donating $10 for TSN can be a great way to honor a special trauma survivor or family member or friend you know or to honor a special medical team that has been part of your own survivor story.

How can I participate in Ten for TSN?

Giving is easy! You can select "Trauma Survivors Network" from the donation list on the American Trauma Society website donation page. If you're on the go, you can also text "TSN" to 703-215-4011 to initiate the giving process. If you would like to give your donation to honor a special survivor, family/friend, or medical team, please share this in the  Donor Comments section. The TSN will be recognizing all of the honored survivors, family/friends, and medical teams at the quarterly American Trauma Society's Board of Directors meetings. 

Can I give more than $10?

Yes! We kept the requested amount low so most everyone can participate, but  we greatly appreciate your generosity if you are able to give a larger amount. For donations of appreciated securities, please contact the national office at (703) 538-3544. 

Can I participate in Trauma Survivor's Day in another way?

Definitely. You can post a picture or video using the National Trauma Survivor Day instructions. You can also share your story as a trauma survivor or a family/friend of a trauma survivor for the Survivor Stories or Stories from Family & Friends resources on the TSN Website. Just contact Eileen Flores, National TSN Coordinator at for more information. 

How can I help spread the word about Ten for TSN?

You can post our infographic available here or our print flyer available here.